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DESIGNPEDIA In March 2009, the Signes Foundation launched Designpedia, the first wiki encyclopaedia of Spanish design. Its pages feature all the information about professional designers, companies, products, institutions and schools linked to creation in Spain.
Designed by Javirroyo and based on the concept of the wiki, the Designpedia is intended to grow quantitatively and qualitatively through contributions from its users. It aims to become a platform for spreading information (free, digital and globally accessible) and to become an essential reference tool for all users looking for information about design with a Spanish flavour.
A steering committee that includes professional designers such as Juli Capella, Daniel Giralt-Miracle, Lluís Morillas, Álvaro Sobrino, Vicenç Viaplana, Viviana Narotzky and Ramón Úbeda among others, verifies and supervises content published by users, in order to ensure quality control.
The contribution of all these people represents professional support and an undeniable boost in credibility for a free, open reference work like Designpedia.

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