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SIGNES FOUNDATION TO THE RESCUE! Shop signs are an indisputable reference resource of different styles and periods, and represent an important cultural legacy. They don’t just describe our consumer and service-based society accurately, but will also one day be evidence of part of our history.
Unfortunately, part of this legacy is about to disappear.
Some of the century-old signs that make up our urban landscape are being replaced by others that are more “modern”.
For this reason, in 2008 the Signes Foundation issued an invitation to members of the public: to identify shop signs that are about to disappear from our streets, and which, because of their quality and originality, are part of our graphic and visual cultural memory.
The objective was to recover and conserve this legacy, with the aim of creating a graphic archive which, in the future, can be exhibited in some or other institution, so it can be enjoyed by everyone.
To the rescue!

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